(Beginner Skill Level)

Beerginners has grown so rapidly that we will need to introduce a new league on Sunday for even newer and fresher players

  • Completely Novice Friendly
  • Advanced Players will either need to play down for this skill level to be eligible
  • This league is designed to be the safest place possible for someone who has never skated before
  • 4 Weeks mandatory training included so we can feel confident everyone is ready to step on the ice during game 1


Triple Deke Hockey

Triple Deke Hockey, home of the Beerginners, is here to cater to Ice Hockey players of every skill level.

If you’re even slightly interested in trying Ice Hockey you should definitely come down to one of our beginners sessions where we teach you some fundamental skills about skating and puck handling to try the sport out. It’s a great way to get fit, have fun, make friends and get familiar with the greatest sport in the world.

We operate “no contact” leagues, so there’s a safe environment for everybody to come and have fun (we all have families and jobs to go to, so we don’t want anybody to get hurt).

Our teams are mixed, meaning the boys and the girls play together

Please Email us at



(Intermediate Skill Level)


The Beerginners started with a few guys creating the idea for a new place for new players to come and enjoy Ice Hockey in Sydney, Australia

  • Classic Beer League Style
  • Though welcoming to brand new players the skill level is constantly growing
  • A fun, competitive, yet safe place
  • Make sure you enjoy a beer
  • Time to lace up
  • Tell your friends





(Advanced Skill Level)

Dont be a hero but come join our Friday night Heroes league, aimed at advanced players for a high pace/fast play hockey 

  • Fast paced 4×4 hockey
  • Big shots, bigger saves
  • Time to lace up
  • Make sure you enjoy a beer
  • Dont be a hero